ILG-art, visualize your dreams in Image, Line and Gold

The new trend created by the Alexey Klokov is a source of wealth and improving quality of life. ILG-art is a form of art where the elements of the human individuality – vibrations and energies – are embodied on the canvas in «colour language» with their symbolic meaningful content.

What do customers say about ILG-art, the art of dreams…

My older sister Snezhanna is a kind, well-educated woman, she is in a good shape and she has a decent work, but is still not successful with men. She is now in a relationship with Gennady: their love story started 1,5 years ago, but there is no  future ahead for this  couple. He comes when he wants to and only laughs when he hears about children. He has a son and a daughter from his previous marriage while she at her age of 42 has no children, only her biological clock is  ticking faster and faster.

But lately my sister has changed. To be more precise – she has acquired a new interest. Recently,  when she visited Gennady at his apartment (he invites her from time to time at the weekends) she noticed a new painting on the wall in  his bedroom. It was the avant-garde and abstract artwork in unexpected but harmonious colours decorated with small pieces of gold. “This is gold leaf” – said Gennady proudly pointing at the small pieces – “All you need to do is to come to the artist’s studio, sit on a chair for 10-15 minutes and think about a particular desire. It’s called ILG-painting. Hang it at the place where you can often look at  and wait for the result».

Gennady himself didn’t have to wait  long  to achieve the result. Wishing to beat his opponents in the upcoming business negotiations, he got it all of a sudden. Since then Gennady literally blew the dust off his ILG-painting while Snezhana decided to order one for her. She didn’t care about material desires, she dreamed about her baby, not about the husband, only about the baby – a girl or a boy, it didn’t matter.

Having carefully studied all the information, Snezhana encouraged me, her 24-year-old sister of marriageable age. No, she was not interested in my advice, she only wanted to test the effect of the ILG-painting on me. I agreed, and here’s why. Reading more about the painter Alexey Klokov, I decided even if my desire doesn’t  come true I’ll have a wonderful picture of the master, whose paintings are in private collections of internationally famous  people. I will become a par with Silvio Berlusconi, Hillary Clinton, Quentin Tarantino, Emir Kusturica and many other owners of his artworks. It’s called profitable investment – not only financial, but also emotional and spiritual. Alexey also has a great experience working in the Tretyakov Gallery and the Hermitage. Visiting his studio would  already be a great experience for me.

To be honest, I didn’t worry about the fulfillment of my desire, I looked forward to to fresh emotions. The artist offers two options of ILG – visualization of desires, or getting rid of depression. The main difference between them is in the basic colour of canvas, white is for the desires and black is for the treatment of depression. I didn’t have depression, thank goodness, as well as the Volvo 40 that I wished to have. My sister asked me to dream about something not too complicated.

ILG session took 15-20 minutes. Explaining in pseudo-scientific comparisons what was going on, the artist, as a recipient received the signals from me and embodied them on canvas. If you want you can understand it in Castaneda’s approach, because of the outgoing vibrations from me.

The limit of time of the ILG-painting has its explanation too – for the artist that experience can be compared with the perception of smell. If someone is smelling something for a long time he looses the sensitivity. Therefore, the less the author knows about the person the better is the result. That’s why the communication in the studio is only between you and the psychologist. He warns about the rules, the most important of which is not to wish harm for anyone. I’m sure there was nothing bad in my wish to have Volvo 40, wasn’t it?

Alexey was drawing the ILG-painting in a meter away from me. At one moment he looked up from the canvas and took the gold leaf. A couple of seconds he kept each of them in front of me and then placed them on the canvas, one by one. The gold, as a very powerful guide, remembers the information and keeps it. So there is no other way for my desire but to transfer from the canvas to my garage!

So after half an hour of work, I was standing in the street, holding my new ILG-painting. Making sure that my visit to the artist’s studio was OK, my sister decided to take  her own session. And you know what?  She really got pregnant, and later gave birth to a beautiful girl. Gennady was genuinely surprised, and then he disappeared from Snezhana’s life. And I can tell that she is happy without him as well as I am with my unfulfilled desire. Excuse me, but I did not even dream about the new BMW that my boyfriend presented to me as a wedding gift because he didn’t know about the Volvo 40!

Snezhanna K.

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